Antispam and antivirus filter for messaging platform
Designed and Hosted by TECLIB-HOSTING

Puremail protects you from SPAM, viruses, and any other form of threat that you may receive on your mail. Positioned upstream of your messaging infrastructure, Puremail drastically reduce the amount of SPAM for your users and reduce the time spent sorting unwanted and legitimate emails.

Puremail Mailserver

24.00€ ex. vat / month

  • Protect your mail server with our Puremail cloud solution.

  • Puremail protects you from spam, viruses and greysmails (email for advertising purposes, newletters, etc.).

  • Puremail is positioned between your mail server and the rest of the internet as a filter (from an email flow point of view). Thus each email received (and sent) passes through Puremail and is systematically controlled.

  • Puremail also helps protect your computers from possible viruses that could send spam campaigns.

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Technical informations

Every email that could cause damage to your business is blocked before being delivered in the inbox of your users.These emails are unblockable by a solution administrator or by the user itself.
You limit the scope that malware and ransomware can have in your computer while remaining master of your solution.

Puremail works as well in reception as in sending of email.